"Your No Session Track Day Headquarters"

Since January 2003, SoCal Track Days has been providing Intermediate and advanced riders with an alternative to the session organized track day.  We believe you come to the track to ride and that you are the best judge of how to effectively spend your time at the track.  We run our events using a no-session format which gives you the freedom to tailor the track day to your individual goals and objectives.  This format is much more efficient for you and provides nearly twice the track time of a session event.  It is also ultimately safer because we keep the size of the group small and remove the time pressure inherent in session events.  It must be emphasized that we are restricting this opportunity to riders with previous track experience (for example Jason Pridmore’s STAR School, California Superbike School, WERA, WSMC, or other race/track day organizations).  This is not a race day; courteous passing will be expected and enforced.

For just $210 per day, you can take advantage of our unique, no session format and maximize your track day experience. We operate exclusively at the highly acclaimed Chuckwalla Valley Raceway in Desert Center California.  In addition to generous runoff for safety, the track has an entertaining mix of corners, straights and elevation changes. We will alternate running the track clockwise and counter-clockwise to add to the challenge.

If you’re ready to step up to a track day that recognizes the skill and dedication you bring to this sport; come see us at SoCal Track Days.  We are the next best thing to owning a race track!